#Workshop: Laptop

What is it about?

About 10 years ago, I bought a Dell Studio 1555. Not cheap (1000€+), and it is a great Laptop. After I replaced the hard drive with an SSD, Windows 10 works like a charm. Until the day the laptop doesn’t boot up anymore.

After 10 years it’s time to buy a new laptop (money grows on trees right?). Or is ist a good idea to analyze what’s wrong with the laptop?
Yes, it is!

The repair

The Dell Studio 1555 offers a self-test to check if there is a defect. And so it is possible to see a test screen without using the GPU. This meant, that the screen is ok, but maybe the GPU has a defect?

The laptop itself made some noises while trying to boot them up (you could hear the DVD drive but not the fan). After some research I had the following theory: The fan hat a defect and so the GPU overheated.

It is not possible to replace the GPU but it is possible to replace the mainboard because the CPU and all of the other parts (WLAN module, …) are removable. The mainboard is offered in used condition for about 100€.

After some hours of disassembling (with tons of photos) and assembling, the laptop runs well again.

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