#Workshop: Dehumidifier

What is it about?

A few days ago, our dehumidifier stopped working. Shortly after switching on, you can hear the compressor start, but then the unit switched off immediately, and the two lamps flash.

This error is not listed in the manual, but I noticed that the fan does not rotate. If the fan does not turn, a dehumidifier would not transport any air at all and might even overheat.

The repair

Mit dieser Idee im Hinterkopf, habe ich das Gerät aufgeschraubt und wollte prüfen, ob der Lüfter von der Platine Strom bekommt, um so den Fehler genauer bestimmen zu können.

With this idea in mind, I unscrewed the device and wanted to check if the fan gets power from the board. It turns out that the ground cable comes loose.

After soldering the ground cable, the dehumidifier runs as before.

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